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Cafe Menu

Our cafe always has a large selection of fresh baked goods and desserts to choose from. However, if there are specific items you want, and they are currently in season, we are happy to take a pre-paid order.


We offer you freshly prepared breakfasts to start your day with pleasure.


We're taking salads to a new level. Just come and taste something special.


Our sandwiches are made daily with fresh-from-the oven bread.


Our exclusive cakes are a perfect complement to your morning tea or coffee.

Main services


Whether you are looking for a traditional style or a contemporary creation, our decorators can meet your individual needs.


The unique flavors and textures of our breads come from the use of natural starters, minimal commercial yeast, and a slow fermentation process.


Is there really anything more satisfying than a great cookie? We don't think so and when you try ours we think you'll agree.

Tarts and

Everyone loves the elegance of a tart or pie. We offer bite-sized tartlettes for a quick sweet treat or large dramatic tarts and pies.

special services

Daily Specials

Every day we have to offer something special to surprise you. Stay in touch with us to be the first to know about special offers daily. Don't miss our hot deals!

Season specials

Our Bakery features certain products seasonally. We hope you wait in eager anticipation for these products and truly enjoy them while they are "in season."

Weekly Specials

Choose from a wide assortment of the finest hand crafted bakery products. We strive for excellence and try to diversify our menu each week.


Try serving our Bakery at your next meeting or gathering and impress your friends and coworkers! Make your event fresh and special.

Decorated Cakes

Let us create the perfect cake for your special event! Our sales clerks will guide you through the ordering process and assist you in making your choices.

Cake Flavors

Our cake layers are rich, moist, and most of all, delicious! Create an exclusive taste that you've never tried before.

Signature Items

Chocolate Cake Donuts

It's the icing that distinguishes our chocolate donut from all of other versions. It's made of the richest ingredients!

Strawberry/Cheese Coffee Cake

The light buttery dough topped with a rich cream cheese filling. Upon cooling, it is topped with fresh strawberries.


Brownie is especially satisfying due to the very chocolaty, moist brownie base that is topped with a our silky fudge.

Buttermilk Poundcake

Our special revolving oven helps us bake the most moist and eye-appealing poundcake you have ever enjoyed.


Our kolacky are very tender and hand-cut. We use real sour cream, which makes the dough literally melt in your mouth.

Banana Split Torte

Made with two layers of banana cake and one layer of chocolate cake, filled with custard and topped with fresh bananas...