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A few words about us

We know when we combine amazing people, excellent food and great ambience; we've got a recipe
for success. Come join our team and find out why we're called the best Bakery!


We use only the finest quality ingredients providing your body with important fiber and nutrients.


We strive to care for you and the environment we live in. All breads, fillings, and salads are considered for healthy living.


Our elegant festive trays add style and taste to any event and are prepared with the utmost attention to detail.

We keep traditions of baking

It is our mission to offer you bread with love. Bread, in its pure original formula, making it available for everyone's enjoyment.
and the world, we offer to use the service of the classic express delivery.


Wedding cakes

Artisan breads

Custom cakes

Tarts and pies

Our products

Chocolate Cake Donuts

It's the icing that distinguishes our chocolate donut from all of other versions. It's made of the richest ingredients!

Strawberry/Cheese Coffee Cake

As you might expect, joining this industry gives you opportunities to see the world around.


Brownie is especially satisfying due to the very chocolaty, moist brownie base that is topped with a our silky fudge.

Buttermilk Poundcake

Our special revolving oven helps us bake the most moist and eye-appealing poundcake you have ever enjoyed.


Our kolacky is very tender and hand-cut. We use real sour cream, which makes the dough literally melt in your mouth.

Banana Split Torte

Made with two layers of banana cake and one layer of chocolate cake, filled with custard and topped with fresh bananas...

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Our Professional team

At Bakery, exceptional people are our main ingredient. For over 30 years we have maintained our Culture of Excellence by making people our top priority.

Mark Johnson
Cake Sales Representative

Mark is responsible for selling Bakery cakes and products directly to our customers.

Jessica Priston
Bakery General Manager

She is responsible for operating the Bakery and managing all back and front of house staff.

Sam Kromstain

Sam is responsible for the baking, decorating and overall presentation of all Bakery products.

Edna Barton
Cake Decorator-Instructor

Edna is an instructor for our Cake Decorating classes for the general public.